School Events

A photo booth is enjoyed by all age groups and you would be amazed how creative everyone can be when they get in front of a camera. We have props to fit any party theme.

The most obvious benefit is that a photo booth provides a great time for everybody. It doesn’t matter whether your students are actually in the photo or just watching their classmates strike a pose, everybody gets into the act and has a blast.

For graduates, it’s a special occasion to take photos with their friends before they’re off to college, while receiving a sweet memento that celebrates that time in their life.

However, pulling off a show-stopping event takes a lot of time and effort. Enter: the school event checklist. It’s your one-stop-shop and ultimate source of truth for everything that is related to a particular school event. It’s the best way to ensure you’re on the path to success, even before you send out a single invitation. 

Photo Booth will ensure your students have the time of their life. Our photo booths will take your event to another level of fun and make the night unique and memorable. photo booth host to help ensure every picture is excellent quality.

Our Photo Booth options will make the students feel like the stars they are and make it a night to remember.

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